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Teeth whitening

Whiter teeth in just 30min, guaranteed.

Teeth Whitening

Have a party, important meeting or interview? Get whiter teeth in 30 mins!

Yellowing of teeth is an unfortunate fact of aging, sped up by a number of different lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking. Here we use Smile Effect, a patented product and the first to offer 

How does it work?

The SmileZERO® will be activated by the cold LED light which starts a chemical process whereby the hydrogen peroxide removes superficial stains and deeper discoloration by altering their chemical structure.

Is it suitable for all?

If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing a baby, it is best to delay your teeth whitening. It should also not be used on children’s teeth.  Teeth whitening will not work on restorative dentistry, for example, crowns, veneers and bridges. These materials will not whiten and so using whitening products on teeth around these materials will cause uneven color throughout the mouth.


Affordable-A fraction of the cost than in-office teeth whitening at your dentist. 

Effective- This treatment is extremely successful and guarantees 2-9 nuances difference. You can often see results straight away, and they should last a while.

No UV Radiation- The use of LED light as a catalyst instead of UV light, which has been previously used, is much safer. Unlike UV light, LED cannot cause mutations as it does not affect tissue on a cellular level.

How long will it last?

This is entirely up to how you care for your teeth after, but most have up to 1 year of effect. The severity of the yellowing of the teeth will affect the result that is possible. Very yellow teeth may require more treatments; however, it is important not to over-treat teeth. Try to consider the natural color of your teeth objectively and be realistic about the color you aim to achieve.


You should not eat, drink or smoke 1 hr after the treatment. Food with color should be avoided 48 hrs after treatment. The use of whitening toothpaste with flour is highly recommended to maintain results. For best results, we recommend having a teeth cleaning with your dentist before the whitening.


2-9 nuances difference 

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