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Striort - Innovative stretchmarks treatment

Our absolutely innovative treatment reduces the appearance of  stretch marks. Get to know the technique that treats stretch marks with unprecedented results STRIORT® treatment uses ortho molecular actives combined with high technology equipment to reestablish blood circulation through a high precision vacuum system. It can improve the appearance of the stretch marks up to 80% just in the first session! A first in the aesthetic world and the first in Aarhus.

How many treatments? 

It varies from person to person but generally between 1 to maximum 3 treatments. There must be a 30 day interval between treatments. The treatment itself is about 1-1.5 hrs.


Depending on pain tolerance and area to be treated, the treatment can give mild discomfort so we highly suggest 

 for those who has a low pain tolerance to take 1g paracetamol 1hr before the treatment and for those with very low pain tolerance to apply numbing cream on the area 1 hr before the treatment. The cream can be purchased in any pharmacy.


The home care kit provided will contain special products and specific creams that contribute to the regeneration and smoothness of the skin. It is very important that you apply the products in the 21 days after the treatment. It also includes an SOS cream for skin irritation.

Side effects

Redness and blackness caused by this procedure heals in 2-3 days. Striort treatment is extremely safe and damage-free and has no side effects such as skin crusting or skin spots. Duration of the treatment changes based on skin type, skin structure and crack duration, however, it is possible to reach 30% to 80% success with single session. Patients who need multiple sessions can have maximum of 3 sessions once in every month. This treatment does not contain needle, cuts, injection or laser there you wont have any sores, or any similar skin damage.

Who cannot have this treatment?

This treatment cannot be applied during pregnancy, nursing, menstrual period and while using Roaccutane, high dosis hormones, steroids or similar medication. Additionally, if application region has any surgical intervention or scar tissue, this prevents striort treatment. 


The price is 2000,- per area per treatment and includes home care products. Consultation is a must and can be done the same day as the treatment.