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SHR Laser Skin Treatments

Many factors, including sun damage, acne hormones, stress, lifestyle, and numerous others can make our skin appear blotchy, uneven and old in appearance. Skin Rejuvenation is a light-based skin therapy which is effective in improving  your skin tone, producing firmer, smoother and clearer looking skin. During the skin rejuvenation treatment, we introduce high energy impulse light so that both the light and heat can penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production. Wrinkles, fine lines, pigments and uneven skin becomes less visible and the skin will generally look younger and fresher. The treatment is safe because our machine has a built-in cooling system that prevents burning or other skin damage.

SR Treatments

  • SR wrinkle reduction 

  • SR Spider veins reduction

  • SR Acne treatment

  • SR Hyperpigmentation

What results do I get?

One of the major advantages of light therapy is precision: With light treatment, you are able to treat specific areas such as broken capillaries or individual follicles without damaging the surrounding cells. This is what gives it its powerful and lasting effects and why it´s a popular choice for many.

With a series of light treatments (every 4-6 weeks), you can expect to reach your goal of skin improvement (degree depending on your skin type/ skin color and the skin status) reduction of sun damage both in the face, chest or on the hands, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and reduction of spider veins on the face, chest, arms or legs within 2-6 treatments. Afterwards, we suggest 1-2 treatments per year to keep the effects.

How is the treatment carried out?

Most light treatments require you to stay out of the sun prior to treatment. If your skin is sunburned or if have you applied a self-tanner, you might need to wait a bit to reduce the risk of burning. Your skin must be clean, and you should not wax  your skin prior to treatment either. Shave at least 24hrs before.

The light can feel a bit warm against the skin during the treatment, or it can feel like a slight sting on the skin. Cooling gels or other cooling products will be used to soothe the heat generated by the laser treatment.

You may experience a slight reddening of the skin after the treatment, which usually goes away the same day. Please note that the skin should not be exposed to sunlight for 2-3 weeks after treatment, or as long as the skin seems affected by the treatment, it is recommended to use sun protection on treated areas.

Do I need a consultation first?

The treatment should be personalized to you and your skin type. Therefore, it is important that you book a free consultation. Our professional staff will evaluate your need and give you a qualified estimate on how many treatments you will need to achieve your goal. 

Duration and price depends on areas to be treated. See our Price list.