A woman undergoing light therapy facial treatment.

Medical Anti-age Treatments


Medical Anti-age Treatments

Many factors, including sun damage, acne hormones, stress, lifestyle, and numerous others can make our skin appear blotchy, uneven, gray and old in appearance. Medical Anti-age Treatments are effective in improving  your skin tone, producing firmer, smoother and clearer looking skin. During the treatments, we assess the skin and in conjuction with your goals, we create a skincare plan to give your the best possible result. Home skincare regimen will be introduced and you will receive products for the first few days following your treatment.

Medical Anti-age Treatment Options:

IPL Therapy 

Medical Microneedling

Medical Peeling

When booking a treatment, a consultation is always included for first time clients. Please indicate under the booking process if its your first time so we can set aside the proper time for you.