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iS CLINICAL is a luxurious and exclusive skin care range in the cosmeceutical category, renowned for being made only from the strongest and cleanest extracted natural botanic ingredients of pharmaceutical quality on the market. The range is produced by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE.

The range builds on antioxidant technology, which means that each ingredient is clinically tested for safety, effect and on a product level. The products contain a patented formula, including some of the most effective antioxidants, such as Retinol, Oleuropein, Centella Asiatica and stabilised vitamin C. With iS CLINICAL, you can both see and feel the difference, and the products give you clinically-documented results right down to the individual cells.

The products are targeted at anti-ageing, but also treat acne, hyper pigmentation and rosacea. With iS CLINICAL, we offer a complete treatment range consisting of cleansing products, serums, creams and sun protection, as well as face masks for exclusive facials.


Medex Bio Science Cosmetics

ISO-certified cosmetic house with the most high-grade cosmetic specialties

With more than 30 years of experience in the international beauty branch, MEDEX is a well-established specialist in highly active, luxurious skin preparations.


  • MEDEX carries out extensive marketing research, whereby it is able to provide its customers with products which suit their needs.

  • Nearly all cosmetic brands focus their attention on image and presentation. Instead of being exclusively concerned with product image, MEDEX research is oriented towards quality and focuses on its product’s effects, without ever losing sight of its image.

  • MEDEX intensively guides and trains importers, beauty therapists and pharmacists, who sell its products.

  • MEDEX has its own creative laboratory for the development and permanent improvement of products. This laboratory is under the management of three staff members specializing in different disciplines: a chemist, a physician and a laboratory quality specialist.

  • The MEDEX production process is under permanent internal and external quality control.


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