Moms and Babies

Mother's Group Spa

Have fun with fellow moms while getting pampered in our clinic! We all know that being a new mom (again) is not easy, it is time consuming, overwhelming and we always end up prioritizing ourselves last. So for once, let us take care of you, let us help you feel good in your own skin again, all while you are having fun with other mommies and your little one.

Its about you and your little one

Every wednesday and friday 10.30am, for 1.5hrs, we will close the clinic for you and your mother's group. Here, you can all have the privacy to take care of your babies and get a facial treatment. The facial is specifically crafted so you can walk around, drink coffee and take care of your little ones while the professional grade (breastfeeding safe) products we use work their magic. We will serve coffee or juice and some snacks. Minimum 4, maximum 6 moms (dads are welcome too!).

Price: 250,- per mom

Includes: Facial, coffee/juice, snacks and a private venue for your group.