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Meet Michelle Lee

Michelle is an entrepreneur, board certified RN, skincare specialist, registered aesthetic nurse and owner of Aviva Clinique located in the center of Aarhus, Denmark. 

Michelle specializes in non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic procedures focusing on 'skin health' rather than just 'beauty'. Her clinic, Aviva Clinique offers a holistic approach on aesthetics, which includes wellness, cosmetic and medical treatments in collaboration with her dermatologist, neurologist and other expert professionals to offer state-of-the-art, results-driven treatments.


'I love working in a positive, creative and continuously evolving environment that has a positive impact on people's lives. I'm not in the business to make you more beautiful, I'm in the business to make you feel more confident. Its not just about looking good, its about feeling good.'

                                                                               - Michelle Lee

Her Story

Michelle is half Chinese half Filipino born and raised in Manila. Her childhood didn't start easy as her father left them homeless and poverty-stricken at the age of 3. For a period of time, her mom and her lived on the streets and haphazard shelters made of cardboard and metal sheets on garbage landfill sites, a hard life with so much scarcity and danger. But despite their desperate situation, her mother still managed to scrape enough money to be able to send her to school, and school became her escape from life's tribulations. Michelle moved to several different educational institutions during her childhood but even so, she  consistently graduated with honors every year, excelling in her academic achievements. She became skillful in orations, decathlons and debates, winning awards and recognitions regularly. She went on to pursue the health and sciences field and got accepted to one of the most prestigious universities in the country where she was awarded a full term scholarship based on academic excellence. She then graduated with a double degree of Associate in Health Sciences and a Bachelor in Nursing as well as one of the highest collegiate honors. Right after passing the board, she migrated to Denmark to pursue her dreams. 


In the beginning of her expat life, Michelle worked nights at Institutions and cleaned private houses to support herself while she studied danish at daytime. After a year, she found her dream nursing job at Aarhus University Hospital where she specialized in neurology and started a Diploma degree. She then worked in the ICU, doing an intensive nursing training program, all the while honing her entrepreneurial skills as she launched an online skincare shop and event management company. From the very beginning of her career, Michelle was always attracted by the aesthetic industry, and on 2019 she decided to take the risk and started her journey towards aesthetic nursing. Here, she found her true passion, her true calling.... and Aviva Clinique was born. 

Aviva Clinique started at about the same time the corona pandemic devastated the world. Notwithstanding the lockdowns, restrictions and the following war, energy crisis and inflation problems, the clinic survived and even thrived. Despite having no business background, knowledge or experience, no sustainable network, no mentor or partner, no large capital, no marketing strategy, Michelle was able to develop the Clinique into what it is today, a client-centered place with highly qualified and experienced staff and a strong reputation as well as one of the best customer reviewed cosmetic clinic in the area.

'Sometimes I'm just running on sheer grit and willpower, sometimes I just fake it till I make it, but always, always I deliver advanced treatments combined with exceptional service going far and beyond what is expected or required. I think that's what kept the Clinique alive.'    - Michelle Lee



Michelle has always dreamed of creating Denmark's first real medical spa, an oasis with an extensive range of advanced state-of-the-art and minimally invasive bespoke treatments combined with luxurious European spa philosophies. A selfcare hideaway that is both intimate and calming, offering unique wellness and treatmentrs with a holistic approach.  


Indulge, Escape, Renew and Rejuvenate.


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