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Lotus Vita

Aesthetic, clean and healthier pure water.

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NATURA PLUS® Replacement Filter

6 months use

Half-year package of replacement filters for all NATURA PLUS ®  water filters from Lotus Vita. 

  • 3x filter cartridge NATURA PLUS ®

  • 4x limescale filter pads


Filter cartridge should be replaced every two to three months.


NATURA PLUS® Filtration Process: A Deep Dive into Purity

Step 1: First-Line Defense

  • Pre-filter Limescale Filter Pad with Iodin 1100 Activated Carbon: Aims to:

    • Strip away limescale, sediments, and heavy metals.

    • Guard the subsequent filter stages.

    • Enhance overall filtration performance.


Levels 2-4: Advanced Filtration with NATURA PLUS® Cartridge Harnessing the power of high-performance activated carbon with Iodin1100 and ion exchangers, this cartridge ensures optimal purification from nearly every conceivable pollutant in drinking water.

  • 1st Chamber:

    • Ion Exchanger: Tackles lime, nitrate, and heavy metals.

    • Iodin 1100 Activated Carbon: Targets and removes general pollutants.

  • 2nd Chamber:

    • Loaded with Iodin 1100 Activated Carbon for an additional purification layer.

  • 3rd Chamber - PiVitalis® Magic:

    • Infused with a blend of magnesium, calcium, tourmaline, and select ceramics enriched with minerals.

    • Contains quartz sand, a magnet, and EM ceramic (Effective Microorganisms as per Prof Higa's studies) to ensure water doesn't just taste great but is of the highest quality.


The NATURA PLUS® filtration process is meticulously designed to ensure each drop you consume is the epitome of purity and taste.

*Pollution report available upon request.

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