Lashes and Brows

Brow Shaping and Tinting


Brow Shape and Tint/ Brow Lifting "Brow Lamination" 

Brow Shape 

It's all about the brow.  We put the time and effort into each and every eyebrow sculpt ensuring our clients leave feeling and looking spectacular. 


2 weeks on color

Read more about brow shaping and tinting.



Brow shape and colour - 175kr

Brow shape & colour with lash color -280kr

Lash Extension, Tint And Lift

Accentuate your natural assets or dial up the drama to full volume. Choose your signature style and let our expert technicians know if you’re after a more natural look or want to bring on the drama. Don't fake it, give your lash a natural lift!


Extension-1 week with proper care. Please allow for 10-20% loss due to natural hair cycle.

Lash lift and color - 2 weeks


Read more about Lash Extension   1.5hrs

Read more about Lash Lift and Coloring  45min



Keratin Lash Lift - 475kr

Keratin Lash Lift med farve - 450kr

Eyelash Extensions 

Single/Custom single - 790kr

Volume (2D-5D)/Hybrid - 990kr

Single/Volume refill:

1 weeks - 350kr/550kr 

2 weeks - 450kr/600kr 

3weeks - 550kr/650kr

Lash extension removal - 200kr