Health, Wellness and Nutrition


Your body will be around alot longer than your expensive bag, invest in yourself.

We all strive to eat better, be more active, live a healthier and happier lifestyle... but it is HARD, some days are even harder.

Let’s face it, change seems downright impossible when life is busy and you’re repeatedly being bombarded with so many new, different diets and tips, exercise hypes or recommendations.  You want to try SOMETHING but it can feel SO overwhelming that you don’t even know where to begin!

Here’s where I can help.

 After experiencing the results of nutrition coaching for myself, I knew that this was a path a wanted to take and share with as many people as I could. This wasn’t just about eating better, it was about reclaiming my life and taking ownership of my own health and wellness - starting from the inside out. It’s about taking the thought and obsession out of food and eating… putting ourselves back in the driver’s seat and not letting food and lifestyle control our actions, emotions or stand in the way of our health and happiness. 

I help people break their unhealthy relationships with food, their bodies and their lifestyle. I help bring accountability to the table, and introduce new healthy habits which replace the old ones that only stand in the way of progress and real change.

Be it losing weight, gaining weight, sedentary lifestyle, stress or lifestyle induced illness, let me help you get control of your own body. 

Remember, it is never too early or too late to start working towards the healthier version of you.

The first strategy meeting and consultation is free. Here we figure out if we can work together, what will our goals be and what kind of support you will need. Don,t hesitate to contact us for more information.