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Dark Circle Reduction

Dark Circle Reduction

The skin, under and around the eyes are thinnest in our body making it delicate and sensitive, which is why this is where the first signs of distress show up, the least resistant to environmental effects and the most affected of aging and lifestyle.

There are many cause of dark circles, age and genetics are the first factor. Over time, skin turns drier, the eyelids and area around the eyes get thinner with the loss of elasticity. As muscle tone decreases, small wrinkles and eye bags emerge. As skin thins out, it turns more translucent. This in turn, makes blood vessels more visible, creating dark circles. Sometimes these vessels dilate and weaken the surrounding capillaries, causing blood cells to leak. While this occurs in minute quantities, posing no cause for concern, it imparts a purplish tone under the eyes.

Sleep deprivation and fatigue are factors too. They turn the skin pale, making the blood under the skin more visible and appear noticeably darker where it shows up most easily – under the eyes.

Hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy, can be a cause, as are anemia, allergies, dehydration or nutritional deficiencies.

The Treatment

Our treatment includes a hydrating eye mask, clinical grade hyaluronic serum, collagen serum, potent Vit C, skinceutical eye cream and protective face cream coupled with a intensive rejuvenating facemask all designed to create a protective barrier for the skin, stimulate skin regeneration and regulate moisture balance which contributes to better skin tone around the eyes and brightening of the dark circles.


Price: 475kr