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Overview Concept Proposal for
Aviva Medical Spa

There is an insatiable growing demand for aesthetic procedures with projected global growth of 12.2%.  This creates tremendous opportunity to meet the growing demand of these procedures.  As consumers become more informed and regulatory agencies become stricter, this will create a further opportunity for highly trained individuals such as medical professionals to transition and dominate this space. Denmark has, and still is, halting in comparison to other European countries when it comes creating a space that combines the ease and relaxation of a spa with advanced aesthetic and medical treatments of clinics. 

The solution is to provide a hybrid environment in combining the best elements of a traditional clinical space and a more tranquil day spa.  In addition, by utilizing highly trained medical professionals, we are able to leverage our skill to provide comprehensive aesthetic care with demonstrable results while adhering to the strictest standards.  The solution includes the appreciation of newer trends which are gaining popularity.  In addition to traditional service offerings of neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and laser based procedures we will also be focusing on PRP for rejuvenation and hair growth as well as the body contouring marketing combined with potent cosmeceutical products.  Newer advances in the aesthetic industry will continue to drive this demand and we will be able to capitalize on it.

Why now?

  • The stigma of cosmetic procedures is slowly disappearing. People are more open to ideas of keeping youthfulness and prioritizing skinhealth. Likewise, spas are exceptionally scarce in Denmark. If we take Vejlefjord Hotel as an example alone, their wellness department is consistently full and have to be booked months in advance. People have grown to appreciate the need to unplug every now and then.

  • Statistics have shown that 12% of the population in Denmark are suffering from stress, and a medical spa can address this problem. To create a space where people can de-stress and rejuvenate  while while being pampered is scarce in Denmark.

  • There is very minimal amount of wellness destinations for tourists and definitely no medical spa destination/retreat at the moment. The goal is to make a world-class medical spa destination for both locals and tourists, one that is available all year round and offers world-class treatments.



At the moment, there is no other medical spa  with this concept existing in Denmark. There are however, cosmetic clinics and hospitals as well as spa facilities but none offers comprehensive and holistic treatments as proposed.


Project Description

Treatments to be offered:


  • Body contouring

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Injections

  • Skin resurfacing

  • Hair restoration

  • Pain control

  • Laser treatments


  • Hammam

  • Body massages/scrubs

  • Saunagus

  • facials, nails, feet and skin

  • Cryo treatments



  • Workshops

  • Events

  • Seminars


  • Outdoor pool

  • Outdoor jacuzzi

  • Japanese garden

  • Indoor pool

  • Infrared sauna

  • Indoor jacuzzi

  • Cryo chamber

  • Private rooms

  • Fitness/Yoga room

  • Kitchen/Dining

  • Lounge room

  • Treatment rooms

  • Reception

  • Shop


  • Central Jylland, preferably beside the sea or by the countryside. Consider: Buildings, castles, farms, large houses, estates.

Budget: 15-20 million kroner

  • Personel

  • Equipment 

  • Supplies

  • Physical space

  • Consultants

  • Licenses

  • Marketing

  • Software

  • Interior


  • Investors

  • Partners

  • Loans

  • others


If you wish to receive a detailed business plan, please contact Michelle Lee at 

+45 52118043

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